Why Cupcakes are the Perfect Christmas Gift

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When it comes to buying Christmas presents there are always a few people that are really tricky to buy for – the mum with everything, the great aunt that you hardly see, the nephew who already owns every toy ever created and even the office secret Santa that you’ve only ever spoken to by the kettle. These people can make your Christmas shopping very stressful, and you often end up picking up a gift that you aren’t happy with just because you don’t know what else to get them.

Well, we have the perfect solution – Christmas Cupcakes! We are yet to meet someone who doesn’t love cake, and nothing feels better than digging into a delicious treat on Christmas day. The best bit is you don’t have to be a GBBO contestant to give your loved ones beautiful, tasty cupcakes – you can order them to arrive at your, or your loved ones, front door! Plus with so many designs and flavours to choose from, you can make personalised gifts that will be both delicious and festive.

Read on to learn the top 3 reasons why you need to gift cupcakes to your nearest and dearest this Christmas.

A Gift With A Difference

When it comes to Christmas presents you always want to give gifts that show how much thought you have put into them. You want to impress and excite your family, and sadly socks can’t really have that effect. If you are working with a limited budget finding a breath-taking gift can be even harder as you don’t want to get anything that looks cheap but you also don’t want to spend the new year working your way out of your overdraft.

Cupcakes, however, give you the chance to really show how much you care without breaking the bank. They are perfect all year round as birthday, engagement and occasion presents, but Christmas brings the opportunity to go for a really creative and festive design. Foodies especially will love a nice box of luxury cupcakes as not only will they be the best Christmas day snacks, but it’s not a gift that will be neglected and eventually left to collect dust.

Perfect for Everyone

A box of Christmas cupcakes would make the perfect gift for every member of your family. Your partner, parents and children can all find great joy and satisfaction from opening and eating their Christmas themed cupcakes. You can pick the colours and decorations based on what you think your loved ones would enjoy the most or to complement their own Christmas decor. As you know your family so well, you will know which flavours to choose to give them the best-tasting cupcakes ever this year!

Cupcakes also make the perfect gifts from a boss to their employees on their final day of work before the Christmas holidays begin. You can order a variety of cakes in many different flavours and have them delivered directly to your office. By doing this, you can show your team how much you appreciate their hard work and boost their morale. Just place them out in the kitchen area for people to take throughout the day or personally deliver them yourself. It’s a cute and budget way of wishing them a merry Christmas and making sure they know that you value them.

You can also use Christmas cupcakes as presents for co-workers and friends. Maybe you want to treat your whole friend circle or office with one simple but gorgeous shared gift – well, a box of festive cupcakes shows that you care enough to go out and find them something Christmassy and delicious.

Cupcakes go perfectly with bottles of wine, prosecco, champagne or with other foodie gifts like recipe books. It makes a nice change for someone who has everything or hasn’t requested anything specific. They won’t get another gift like it, and it will stand out against the rest of the presents piled under the tree.

There’s So Much Variety

When it comes to cake, the sky is the limit! There are so many different flavours and styles to choose from. It’s the perfect end to a Christmas meal, and cupcakes make the perfect snacks and presents during this season. With so many types to choose from, it makes gifting them to your friends and family so easy as you can focus on one flavour or give them a gift box with a selection of their favourites.

You can also find some really creative Christmassy designs including classic Christmas images like Santa, Rudolph or stockings, to name a few, but also just sticking to the traditional Christmas colours like red, green or gold can help infuse festivity into the cakes. The cupcakes will look so Christmassy and perfect that your loved one won’t even want to eat them!

At Cakenology we create fantastic tasting, amazingly decorated cupcakes that make any occasion even more special. If you would like to give your loved ones some cupcakes for Christmas, contact us today for more information on what we have to offer and if you are based within the M25 postcode – we can even deliver them!

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