Top 4 Baby Shower Cakes

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Planning a baby shower for the mummy-to-be is a lovely job to have. The baby shower tradition has come over to the UK from America in the past decade or so, and it’s one we are very happy to have adopted!

Celebrating a new life is always a wonderful occasion, and a baby shower means that the soon-to-be mum can have all her nearest and dearest around her. Baby showers are all about friends and family getting to share their best tips for motherhood, giving some gifts to the mum to help prepare her for the arrival of her newborn and for everyone to just enjoy each other’s company!

Traditionally, at the baby shower, there will be fun games organised for the guests to bond together. If you’re planning a baby shower in London, some favourite games include asking everyone to bring a baby photograph of their own and the mummy-to-be has to try to match the baby picture to her friend. Another popular one is to pass a ball of string and scissors around the room and ask everyone to snip the length of string they estimate will fit perfectly around the bump.

Whatever games you have lined up, it’s an absolute essential to get the cake just right on the day too. The cake will make a gorgeous centrepiece for the celebrations, and it will also be a lovely tasty treat for all the guests on the day.

We love making baby shower cakes for our London customers and we’ve decided to put some of our favourites together to help inspire you for your baby shower planning ideas!

Bespoke photo cake for baby shows in London

The bespoke photo cake is a great baby shower cake. We can print any picture you can provide us with on the top, and we’ve had customers who have found baby pictures of both the soon-to-be parents to put on the front while some opt to use the actual baby scans. This can be a great sentimental cake and really put a smile on the face of the mummy-to-be in your life.

This cake is ideal if the soon-to-be mum loves to be nostalgic and if several guests at the baby shower are related to her. We bet lots of people in the room even remember her being that tiny and it’s a really sweet way to tie the generations together at the start of a brand new beginning.

As with every single one of our cakes, we can make this totally bespoke for you. This means any colour, any flavour and any twist on the design. Just chat through your thoughts with us and we can start baking!

Big baby announcement cake

We love this adorable pregnancy cake! This cake is ideal as either a reveal or a baby shower cake. It really looks the part as a centrepiece and this cake can be made for between 15 – 50 people depending on how many you are planning to have at your London baby shower.

You can customise this cake to be any flavour you like and show the mummy-to-be that you really know her favourite flavours! You’ll be her favourite person in the world!

Bespoke elephant baby cake

This has got to be one of our favourite cake designs! We love the look of this baby shower cake with the cute icing elephants and building block letters. It comes in a range of mouth-watering flavours, and you can add a personalised message too to make the mummy-to-be feel extra special.

This cake is perfect for someone who loves traditional, cute gifts. Her face will light up when she sees this cake at her shower!

Pregnancy baby bump cake

Last, but not least, is our bump cake. We can customise this bump cake with any colour or outfit to make it more personal for your friend. If you know the colour and design of a top or dress that she will be wearing on the day we can even match the cake to her outfit!

This is the perfect cake to have as a centrepiece at a baby shower for a mummy-to-be who loves her little bump! We can make this cake completely personalised, just for you. This means any colour, any flavour and any twist on the design. Get in touch and let us help inspire you!

If you’re planning a baby shower in London and want us to help you with the perfect cake, get in touch! You can call us on 0207 499 1172, or visit our website today!

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