The Gift Every Partner Will Love on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to expressing your love for your partner and to show them how much you care about your relationship. You want to show your loved one how much you appreciate them by making their day special. You may decide to prepare a home-cooked meal, plan a restaurant visit or even just give them an extra special gift on the day. However, it can be hard finding the perfect gift that isn’t cliche or way over budget. This year, think outside of the box and look into a gift that is not only beautiful and affordable but tasty too – like a cake!

Valentine’s Day cakes can be a unique and welcome surprise that can be enjoyed by both of you on your special day. Unlike flowers that only look pretty for a few days, a cake will look gorgeous and taste gorgeous too. With classical and bold designs, our cakes are sure to surprise and delight your partner as well as satisfy their taste buds.

Read on to learn more about our range of Valentine’s Day cakes and how you can surprise your partner this year. No matter the budget or plans, you can give your loved one a gift they will never forget – and even ask for the following year!

Deliver Cupcakes to Their Office

Rose Shape Cupcakes

Nothing screams ‘I love you’ more than taking time out of your lunch break to pop over to your partner’s work and deliver them a special gift. It’s something they’d never expect and will leave them happy knowing that you thought about them enough to surprise them at work. Rather than waiting until the evening to see each other, dropping by their office at lunchtime shows them that you are dedicated to your relationship – and may even cause a few envious smiles from their co-workers. It might also provide them with a lovely way to share the love with their friends and colleagues as they can offer them a slice of delicious cake too!

Delivering a large cake might not be suited to this kind of visit, but cupcakes convey the same message. Decorated just as precisely and beautifully as a cake, cupcakes mean your partner can indulge while they’re at work, share if they want to and then bring anything left home easily. At Cakenology, our rose shaped cupcakes are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that are as tasty as they look. Your partner will be impressed and delighted to receive these special little rose alternatives, and you can both eat them as treats throughout the day or keep them for dessert after a home-cooked meal.

Surprise them When they Get Home


Valentine’s Day doesn’t always feel particularly romantic when you spend half the day at work sat behind a desk or serving customers. So, how can you make the day special? Not everyone has the time to go to a restaurant, so why not stay at home and cook a meal together? With a little music and candlelight, you can make the evening romantic and intimate, while attempting to prepare the food gives you something to laugh about and enjoy together.

Bring out one of our Valentine’s Day cakes as the big finale after dinner and give your partner a unique gift this year. It’s something they won’t expect as it’s not a usual Valentine’s Day present, but any dessert lover is sure to appreciate this gift and enjoy it for days to come. At Cakenology, we have a range of cakes available like our Individual Heart Shape Gateau which is perfect for a small but special treat. We also have our Love Shaped Cake, featuring a heart design and iced roses, perfectly fitting the classical theme of Valentine’s Day.

Have a Unique Dessert at the Restaurant

Some people like to take their evening out of the home for Valentine’s Day and go to a favourite or new restaurant. This is a popular choice for this holiday so make sure you get your reservations in early to avoid being disappointed. But, with such a fabulous meal on the table and great atmosphere, how can you make this night extra special and unique for your partner?

By taking a cake in early before your date or sneaking it in while your partner is in the bathroom, you have a pleasant surprise for the end of your meal. Rather than bringing out the dessert menu, your waiter can bring out your cake as the best ending to a perfect date. Our Happy Valentine’s Day cake has vibrant colours and a sweet message for your loved one that is sure to bring a huge smile to their face. Or, for something more muted and classical, you can have our Heart Shaped cake in a red icing with real roses on top. You can even have a special message iced onto the cake to make them smile at your thoughtfulness – great proposal method perhaps?

Valentine’s Day is meant for celebrating your love for one another. You will want to make it as unique as possible with the right gifts, food and date ideas. Take the day to the next level by surprising them with one of our fabulous Valentine’s Day cakes! If you want to learn more about our range of cakes and other services we offer, then contact us today.

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