The Best Milestone Birthday Cakes

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Most people love celebrating their birthday; it means terrific presents, all of the attention and a fantastic cake! At Cakenology, we specialise in creating cakes for wondrous occasions like birthdays and have a vast array of pre-made designs that can be altered or personalised for your event. No matter how old or young the birthday boy or girl is, we have something sure to bring a bright smile to their face as they blow out the candles!

Read on to learn more about our cakes and some of our most popular designs that are perfect for those special milestone birthdays.

Sweet Sixteen

One of the most important and celebrated birthdays in a young teenagers life is most definitely their sixteenth birthday. While over here in England we might not take it to the extreme like the Yanks (Sweet Sixteen TV show ring a bell?), we still know how to make this celebration special. Buying a personalised and scrummy cake for your child’s sixteenth birthday will add such a memorable touch to their day and make their stomachs sigh in happiness after their first bite.

At Cakenology, we have a range of milestone birthday cakes that you can choose from, but our most popular two include the White Roses Cake and the Bespoke Number Cake. The White Roses Cake has an intricate and elegant design of cascading roses over the cake which will be sure to wow your loved one. You can personalise the message on the front of this cake, wishing the recipient a happy 16th birthday; the neutral rose design makes this cake ideal for any daughter no matter their personality. If you want something a little more extravagant and dedicated to this momentous birthday, our Bespoke Number Cake is the one for you! We can mould the cake into any number you desire (making this perfect for any birthday), reminding all the guests why you are celebrating this special day. Don’t forget, numbers don’t just have to mean birthdays- this cake is great for anniversaries, too!

Officially an Adult – 18!

Whether it’s your teenage son or daughter turning eighteen, it’s one of the most significant birthdays of their life as they are now officially becoming an adult. You can make this day even more special for them by buying them a personalised and unique cake that reflects their personality. 

We have a massive range of cakes to fit that description, but the two that stand out for an eighteenth birthday are our Guitar Cake and Football Cake. Boys will be experimenting with their hobbies and such at this age as they move on from being a ‘child’ to an ‘adult’. However, some things will always stick with them, such as a love for music or football.

Our Guitar Cake is an insane design to make any music lover or guitar player rock out on their birthday. AC/DC fan? Lover of Jimi Hendrix? It doesn’t matter! You can personalise this cake and make it unique to the recipient with a special message accompanying the guitar. 

Perhaps they prefer football over rocking out on a guitar? Our Football Cake might look very realistic, but if you kick it, we assure you that you will be covered in a cake explosion! Remind them of their childhood playing football with family and friends and get them this cake as a symbol to celebrate their journey from childhood to adulthood.

The Next Big Milestone…21

What’s the next big birthday after 18…21! (Also the legal drinking age in America, so watch out for any last minute Las Vegas trips from your loved ones!). Many of our cakes can be personalised to fit the 21st birthday mark with unique messages and additional changes to the decorations. However, one perfect and popular cake for a 21st birthday is our Michael Kors Handbag Cake; although you won’t be able to put your purse inside, there is something much tastier there instead! 

We have other similar cakes to this design, but the MK cake is ideal for lovers of this designer who may have received bags, watches or accessories in the past from them for their birthdays and Christmases. On this cake, we bring an MK bag to life with top-class icing designs to make it look as beautiful as the real thing.

Counting Up Those Decades

As we get older, the most significant milestone birthdays are the big-Os, whether that’s 30, 40, 50 or even 80. You can celebrate your, or loved ones, birthday by reminding them of their childhood with our 80’s Cake. Covered in incredible, colourful icing and 80’s inspired images, this will transport the recipient straight back to the good old days. You can even personalise this cake even more by sending in a photograph of the birthday girl or boy back in the 80’s to be popped on the front of the cake!

Or maybe you have an older gentleman you are celebrating this year, who’s grown up loving the James Bond movies since he was a little boy. Our James Bond Cake is perfect for those 007 fans out there and is designed to look like a tuxedo;  you can even play on the 007 by switching it to 070 for the perfect 70th birthday cake!

If you are looking for something more classic, toned-down and elegant, then our Cake with Roses is perfect for you. No matter the milestone birthday, this cake won’t go out of style; with its traditional iced roses and a personal message to add that extra special touch to a birthday. And with a range of flavours to choose from, the recipient won’t be disappointed whether they are 30 or 90!

These are only a handful of the fabulous milestone cakes we have on offer here at Cakenology. Check out our website to see more or contact us today to get deciding on your masterpiece!

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