How to Throw the Best Halloween Party

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We all love Halloween – the costumes, trick or treaters and the horror movie marathons. But, even better than these are the parties filled with your mates dressed in funny costumes and buffets of scarily tasty food. So why not try throwing a party yourself this year, and have a fantastic night with your friends and family dancing to Halloween classics like ‘Thriller’?

Read on for our top tips on how to throw the best Halloween party that everyone will be talking about till Christmas. You need to think about everything from the food to the music, so make sure you read through this blog carefully and make notes!

Halloween Decor
The Decor

If you want to throw a Halloween party, then you need the space you are hosting in to look as creepy and cliche Halloween as possible. We’re talking sticky spiderwebs on the walls, window stickers and sparkly black tablecloths. Everything your parents used when you were a kid is still ideal for a party. The decor can take you back in time and remind of the Halloween parties of your youth.

Don’t feel the need to splash the cash and try throwing an ‘elegant’ gathering if that isn’t who you are! It’s okay to stick to your roots and create the most atmospheric party you can with the classics. Supermarkets and stores like Homesense and TK Maxx are perfect to shop at for cheap decor that looks amazing.

Hubble Bubble Cake
The Food

There are hundreds if not thousands of pictures, recipes and inspiration for Halloween food on sites like Pinterest. You can create a creepy buffet with typical finger food looking like real bloody fingers! Have a Google or a look through these sites, and it won’t be hard to find things to create.

If you want a fantastic centrepiece for your buffet table, look no further than a Halloween themed cake. At Cakenology, we have several cakes perfect for any occasion, including Halloween. Our Hubble Bubble Cake is perfect for parties with between fifteen and forty guests, with your cake made to order based on the size. With a funky witchy design of a cauldron filled with sweets, it is ideal for parties with kids too! Or, if you are looking for something a bit more extravagant for a larger party or a Halloween work event, then our Corpse Bride Cake is perfect. With three tiers, it feeds 100 people and features the characters from the classic Tim Burton film ‘Corpse Bride’. If you are looking for something else, then our Bespoke Cake Service is ideal for you.

The Costumes

A great way to throw an amazing Halloween party is to have a theme. Maybe you are a massive fan of horror films, or comedy parodies like Shaun of the Dead, maybe even teen-slashers like Nightmare on Elm Street. You can incorporate your love for these films into your party theme and have your guests come dressed as their favourite horror characters. Have some horror films on in the background of the party to tie the whole theme together.

If you want to give your friends and family more freedom choosing their costumes, then have a ‘best costume’ party. Get a couple of prizes like bottles of alcohol, sweets and chocolate to give to your runners up and winners to entice your guests to make or find the best outfit they can.

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