How to Pick the Right Baby Shower Cake

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Baby showers can be a fun event for everyone to congratulate you and your partner on your pregnancy. Often there are inventive games, present giving and even an excellent buffet. So what can make this even better – a baby shower cake! A cake can be the perfect centrepiece you need to tie your whole party together or make your guests go ‘wow’ as they walk in. It doesn’t need to be large to make an impact, as we have specially created designs that will amaze you and your guests.

If you want to learn more about how you can pick the right baby shower cake then read on for more information on our most popular baby shower cakes. Whether you are feeding five or fifty, there will be something for you in our selection.

Small But Wonderful

You don’t need to go all out on a baby shower cake like you would for a wedding. You can stick to a smaller, standard size cake. This works really well if you only have a small number of friends and family members coming over as there will be no leftovers to try to fit in the fridge.

Even though these cakes might not be grand, tiered cakes, they can still be detailed designs that are beautiful to look at. We have a Baby Shower Sprinkles Cake that is hugely popular as you can alter the message on the top of the cake, as well as choose from a wide range of flavours, details and even size. It is a super cute, round baby cake with sprinkles covering the sides for that extra special touch. This can be styled to be suited for either a boy or a girl with customizable colours and details. The ‘Baby Toes Baby Shower Cake’ features cute, little feet poking out of the blanket with a message which can be personalised below.

Tiered Cakes

If you are having quite a larger gathering or you want your guests to walk in and go ‘wow’ at your set up, then having a tiered cake can add the extra special touch you need. If your guest numbers are high, you want to make sure that you have enoughcake for everyone, and our Baby Shower Elephant Cake is a large, tiered cake that can serve 40 people! It is one of our favourite designs with alphabet bricks and iced elephants, and it comes in a range of mouth-watering flavours. You can even add a personalised message, making it the perfect centrepiece for a baby shower celebration.

If you want more flexibility with how many people you feed with your cake, then our Tiered Baby Shower Cake is perfect for you as you can choose a size based upon your guest list with the ability to have it created for between 15 and 50 people. It is available in different colours and can have a varying number of tiers based upon your size choice, meaning that you can have alternative flavours on each level for a surprise.

Something Different

If you aren’t having a traditional baby shower with the baby themed decorations and pregnancy-themed games, we can still provide a cake to suit your more toned-down needs. One example of this is our Cake with Roses, which is a classic and elegant cake with traditional icing roses and a personalised message to make it unique. Even this more simplistic design can make your celebration extra special, even if there is only a handful of people present.

Another more simplistic and less-stereotypical design we offer is the red Heart Cake. Red reflects the love you feel for your pregnancy and future baby, and it is a cute way of expressing how much you love this part of your life. Don’t let Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards tell you that you need something with blue or pink or pictures of babies. You can still make your party unique and sophisticated with a cake that is something different from the usual.

Baby showers are a time for celebration and bringing family and friends together. You can make it perfect with a cake that is bespokely created to fit your tastes – in both design and flavour. If you want to learn more about our delicious cakes, contact us today.

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