How to Have the Best NYE Buffet

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New Year’s Eve holds some of the biggest parties of the year. Some of us prefer to stay in and celebrate with family, while others prefer to be out on the town boogying the night away. We all celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another in our own way. But here at Cakenology, we believe that no matter how you party at new years, a cake shouldn’t go a miss. 

To have the most successful party, provide your guests with the best NYE buffet. With so many other elements to worry about such as the music, guests and entertainment, it’s no wonder that you don’t have time to bake and cook fresh food. A buffet is ideal as you can bung food in the oven without needing to prep too much so that you can instead enjoy the night with your friends and family.

Keep reading for our top tips on how to create the best NYE buffet for all your guests. With the right food, drink and showstopping cake, you will have a fantastic end to the year.

Finger Foods for Your NYE Buffet

With family and friends to party with, you don’t want to spend the whole night locked away in the kitchen cooking. To create the best NYE buffet, a finger food buffet is perfect; they allow you to feed your guests without sacrificing your fun. If you purchase your food from the same shop, often it can all be cooked at the same temperature. This means that you can put in everything together and take them out one after the other when they are cooked. Then, all there’s left to do is slide them onto the plates, place them on the table and let your guests dig in.

When buying your tasty buffet food, you need to make sure that you are thinking about all of the guests attending. If you have vegetarians or vegans attending your party, you need to make sure that you have enough options for them, too. This will also require you to label all of the food clearly so that meat-eaters don’t eat the veggie options and vice versa.

Before cooking, make sure that you are aware of all of the cooking times in advance so that you don’t leave your guests hungry. You need to know when to start putting food in the oven so that when it comes out, it’s timed perfectly with the arrival of your friends and family.

Showstopper Cake for Your NYE Buffet

Once the finger food has settled, your guests will be on the hunt for dessert. It’s New Year’s Eve, so you want a dessert that looks and tastes the part to rise to the occasion. Here at Cakenology, we have a wide range of stunning cakes for you to choose from. No matter the event, we have cakes to fit all occasions; tasty and beautifully decorated cakes, may we add! For NYE, you will want a showstopping cake, to say the least. 

Black Forest Gateau

Our Black Forest Gateau cake is the ideal cake for a smaller do with your friends and family. If you are only hosting those closest to you, you don’t need a huge cake which will go to waste. The Black Forest Gateau comes in two sizes, meaning it can serve between 12 and 20 people. Its rich chocolate and irresistible berries will go down a treat for everyone, old or young.

If you are hosting a more extravagant party with lots of guests, then our Macaroon Tower might be better suited. Tall and gorgeous, this cake is a glamorous centrepiece for your NYE party. With this cake, you will be sure to stand out from the crowd. Macaroons stand on a freshly baked sponge cake in the flavour of your choice, and comes in two serving sizes, meaning you can have enough for 35-70 people.

Drinks Buffet

Now that the food is sorted, you can’t forget about drinks. With dancing, laughter and chatter keeping us busy all night long, we will need refreshments. There are two ways that you can cater to your guest’s drinking needs; the first is to create your own bar. You can stock up on different alcohols and mixers to give your guests more choice. 

However, as this can be expensive, an alternative might work best for you. If you want to save money but watch your guests have a good time still, you can implement a BYOD rule. Ask your guests to bring their own drinks which they can mix with the tonics, fizzy drinks and juice that you provide.

You also need to remember that not everyone will drink alcohol, so make sure that you provide non-alcoholic drinks for these guests. You can even have fun creating non-alcoholic mocktails for them to enjoy all night long instead.

Check out our website today to learn more about our fabulous Cakenology cakes, and how we can help you serve the best NYE buffet. We have a range of styles and flavoured cakes for you to choose from, so no matter the event, you will be sure to have the perfect cake. Make sure your NYE party is one to remember with Cakenology.

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How to Have the Best NYE Buffet

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