How to Have the Best Birthday Party in 2020

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We all love celebrating a birthday; it’s the one time of the year where the spotlight is acceptedly on one person. We get presents, food, fun and cake! Even the shyest of us can admit to loving this one special day that’s all about us. But, how can we make a birthday party in 2020 the best one yet?

Keep reading to learn more about Cakenology, and how we can help you add the perfect touch to the birthday party that you’re attending in the upcoming year. If you want to make it a birthday party that everyone will remember, a showstopping cake at the centre of the buffet table will do just the trick. No matter the birthday boy’s or girl’s interests or the theme of the party, there will be something for everyone to enjoy in our vast selection of cakes.

The Best Party Entertainment

You want everybody to have fun at the party, whether it’s your birthday or a party that you’ve planned for someone else. A group of people sat down in silence doesn’t create the right, upbeat atmosphere that screams celebrating. So, in order to change this, you need to find a source of entertainment that’ll have your guests up on their feet, dancing and socialising.

Music is vital for any birthday party, but there are different ways that you can integrate it. You can create your own playlist based on your favourite songs or the birthday boy/girl’s top hits; maybe they love 80s music, RnB or pop. Apps such as Spotify are a great way to do this; all you need is a phone and some speakers. 

If you’re having a larger party with more guests, then you can look into hiring a DJ or a jukebox. DJs are a staple at many parties as they are a fab way to get people of all ages onto the dancefloor. However, a jukebox is an exciting alternative which lets your guests choose what they listen to. It’s a form of entertainment which will make your party stand out and really make it the best it can be in 2020.

Brilliant Birthday Cake

Parents spend over £19,000 on their children’s birthday parties in their lifetime. That’s a huge number when you see it in black and white. But, you don’t need to be breaking the bank to still throw a great party for your kids, friends or family. A cake is a staple at every birthday party; can you really have a birthday without one? At Cakenology, we have several fabulous cakes for a range of party sizes and themes, and most importantly, at affordable prices.

Are you celebrating a DC-loving boy? Our Gotham City Cake is ideal for any comic book lover, young or old. The exciting icing and classic Batman colours make it suitable for the foe-fighting guy or gal in your life. Its two-tiered shape makes it perfect for larger parties, with two sizes allowing it to serve between 30-45 people.

For the younger kids in the family, our Peppa Pig Tiered Cake is fantastic. The brightly coloured icing will send your kids wild while they dig into a slice or two. So, make sure that at your next kiddie party you have this fantastic cake in the centre of the table.

Whether they’re turning 21 or 60, our Bespoke Number Cake will help you celebrate any age. We create a bespoke cake for each customer, so even if you’re turning 24, we can still make it as unique as any other milestone! You can also dictate the icing and colour to make this a unique, personalised cake to the recipient.

Our James Bond Cake is perfect for the sophisticated gentleman in your life. Whether they’re turning the big 30 or the even bigger 80, you can never be too old or young to love James Bond. For the older mothers and aunties in your life, our Elegant Birthday Cake is perfect for the more low key parties with only your nearest and dearest. The traditional iced roses and personal message make this fantastic cake even more special.

Theming Fun

A great way to make any birthday party memorable is to give it a theme. A themed party adds extra fun for your guests who get to choose the kind of outfits or costumes that they wear. Rather than wearing casual or formal clothes, they can wear something different and unusual instead. For the older lads and ladies whose birthday it is, you can pick a decade they might remember and love well such as the 70s or 80s. Have the guests dress in their best decades costumes, or even film starts from these eras!

For the younger kids, you could choose a theme around their favourite TV show or films such as Jurassic Park or Frozen! Disney is huge, so you can even generalise the theme so that all the little boys and girls can come dressed as their favourite characters.

Check out our website today to learn more about Cakenology and how we can help you plan the best birthday party in 2020. No matter the theme of your party, we have something that’ll suit your party’s needs. Make sure you keep Christmas and NYE in mind, too, and take a look at some of the fabulous party cakes that we have to offer you for these special occasions.

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