How to Find the Perfect Cake

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Cake is the ideal dessert, gift or centrepiece for any event. But how can you make sure that it is perfect for the occasion or the recipient? You will want to get everything right from the size of the cake to how it’s decorated. At Cakenology, we have a vast array of cakes to choose from in various sizes and designs. So, by taking into account the theme of the event as well as the personality of the recipient, it won’t be too hard to find the perfect cake.

Read on to learn more about what you need to consider when picking a cake for your next special occasion. With our help, all your guests will be wowed by your amazing cake!

Consider the Theme of the Event

When picking a cake for your next event, you need to consider the theme; maybe you are hosting a birthday party with a specific theme like the 80’s or a boozy 21st. You should look for cakes with designs based around the theme you are trying to stick to; for example, we have a Bespoke Number Cake that can be personalised for any milestone birthday, or a Graduation Cake ideal for your kid’s graduation celebration.

If you choose a cake that doesn’t suit the theme of the party, it can be slightly off-putting and confusing for your guests. It can also ruin any photos you take around it. But, if you take the time to look through our many various designs to find the perfect cake, it can be the highlight of the day.

How Many Guests?

Something important that you need to consider when choosing the perfect cake for your event is the number of guests attending. Whether it’s a small birthday gathering or a large wedding, the number of guests you invite will impact your choice of cake. You can’t choose a smaller cake like our Heart Cake when expecting a hundred guests for your big wedding day. You need to look for better-suited cakes like our Vintage Gold Wedding Cake which can serve this more substantial number of people.

Alternatively, you don’t want to spend money on a cake that will overfeed your number of guests. Extra slices will only go so far before the rest is boxed away in your fridge, left untouched. So, make sure you have a somewhat solid idea of how many people are coming to your event before your order your cake.

Who Is the Recipient?

If you are buying a cake for someone’s birthday or for a surprise celebration then you need to consider the recipient’s personality. You don’t want to buy a cake they don’t like the outward design of; our MK Handbag Cake might be perfect for designer brand lovers, but for a tomboy, it wouldn’t be the ideal cake.

Take the time to sit down and write a list of all the things the recipient likes or the things that remind you of their personality. Then, when you hop online to take a look at our cakes, you can find ones that you deem ideal before you finally select the perfect cake.

Be Creative With No Limits

You might think you have found the perfect cake, but when you start looking at it more, you may realise that something is missing. But what exactly? We have many beautiful cake designs that are amazing for any occasion, but for some events, you need something a little more outside the box. If you have a unique party theme or a large number of guests, then we recommend that you look away from pre-designed cakes and start your own designing process. 

Our bespoke services might be the best way for you to find your perfect cake. Instead of settling for a design that’s a mark just below perfect, you can work closely with us to create a unique cake that suits the recipient and the event.

Make sure you take the time to find the perfect cake for your event and take on board the advice listed above. Check out our website today to find our range of beautiful cakes that we have on offer for any occasion.

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