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Custom cake creations since 2012

As one of the few custom cake creators in North West London area, we make it our mission to supply our customers with carefully conceived, quality-assured and scrum-diddly-umptious bespoke cakes that add that final touch to any event so that our customers stay loyal and happy. 

No matter what your special occasion entails, we can create you an edible masterpiece that looks and tastes like you wouldn’t believe. Being a bespoke cake creator means we have the creative freedom to make our customer’s cakes based upon exactly how they envision them for their special occasion. So, no matter how whacky or jazzy you want your cake to look, we will do the utmost in delivering you a cake that meets all of your requirements and more. 

First, let’s start with the cake filling. The filling, although nowhere to be seen until the cake is cut, is a massive attribute to the making of a high-quality cake. We want to excite your tastebuds and leave you wanting more, so to accomplish this, we must use specially formulated ingredients, exclusive to us to add a little ‘Cakenology’ to the usual flavours. Our cakes can be made with a fluffy buttercream vanilla sponge, a velvety chocolate fudge sponge, a moreish carrot cake sponge or even the ultimate red velvet centre. 

These fillings are next to none when it comes to the texture and the taste; with our cake-crafting hands, we bake them the night before your event so that they are at their optimum flavours for you, your friends and your family to enjoy. 

Next is the design. The cake design is such a crucial element to our products because the detail and theming are what makes it unique for the receiver; whether it’s for a bit of lighthearted fun or something deeply personal. In the past, we have created bespoke cakes based upon the receiver’s interests; for instance, one request was for a Corpse Bride theme, and another had a witch diving into a cauldron on top of it; both were for Halloween. Another, more lighthearted example would be our Yoda Head Cake which is perfect for all of those Star Wars fanatics out there on their birthdays!

If you are after a cake for an event that’s a little less traditional, we can still deliver you a cake that’s fit for the occasion. For instance, our Patisserie range of cakes are great if you’re after a sweet buffet, or our Tea Time Cake is ideal for afternoon tea with the girls. No matter what style of event you’re hosting, we can evolve any of our pre-existing cakes or an original that you request to suit your needs. 

We can cater for all types of events: corporate, Halloween, birthdays, christenings, baby showers and even employee of the month celebrations. We believe a cake can make any kind of event that little more fantastic, so when choosing the right cake we will be more than happy to brainstorm ideas for your desired results if you’re not sure on what you’re looking for, meaning that there’s no way you won’t be given a cake that ticks all of your boxes. 

Make your loved one’s day extra memorable with one of our bespoke-made, exclusive to us cake creations that will show them how much you care and have put into this day dedicated to them. As we are a North West London based cakery, we realise how much hassle it is to go to and from our shop, especially with a large cake in your hands. So, to take the weight off of your shoulders, we will even provide you with our free delivery service if you’re local to the area.

Have we not sold you yet? Maybe taking a look at our range of fabulous custom cakes will and then while you’re at it, pop instore for a little taste test… We guarantee you’ll want more. 

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You can order your cake online, via email or by phone to add that extra-special touch to your upcoming event. All our cakes are made in our bakery by skilled, creative and cake-loving hands. Baking cakes is our passion, so you can be assured each cake is put together with care and affection.


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