Birthday Cake: Supermarket Vs Bespoke

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Birthday parties are always a fun celebration, and you will want to make every year special for yourself, your family or your friends. You can create the best playlist, cook the tastiest food and buy the perfect present. But, what about the cake? Everyone loves the moment that the lights get dimmed and the candles arrive atop a beautiful birthday cake and so it is an absolute must at a Birthday party to have the perfect cake. There are options available at your local supermarket for you to swing by and pick up, but you could also order a delicious bespoke cake that is unique for the birthday boy or girl as a special surprise. So, which is the best option?

With bespoke cakes, you are involved entirely in the process from the initial design sketches to approving the final product. Whether you have a flavour combination the supermarket doesn’t offer or a personal design that you want to put a smile on their face with, bespoke cakes give you the freedom to explore.

If you are still not convinced, then read on for more on why bespoke cakes are better than buying from your local shop. While you may see more convenience in heading to the supermarket on the day of the party, by getting your plans in order a week in advance, you can have a cake more memorable and unique and be confident that it will taste every bit as good as it looks with no added ‘nasties’ or artificial ingredients you don’t want to see in there.

Better Customisation

Tirana Gateau

When considering bespoke cakes versus supermarket bought for your next birthday party, you need to think about how much customisation you want. If you’re ok with a Caterpillar cake for your 40th or a bog standard Gateau, then the supermarket is ok for you. However, if you have something more individual and personal in mind for flavour and design, it’s best to seek out a bespoke bakery.

At Cakenology, we can work with you to bring to life the customisation and design you dream of having on your cake. Whether it’s your 34th birthday or a landmark birthday like your 60th, having a unique cake to celebrate that has all your favourite flavours and something unique to you will make it a birthday to remember. All of our bespoke cakes are tailor-made, meaning with the right creativity from yourself, no one will ever have the same cake as you!

Attention to Detail


Cakes in supermarkets are usually made in a large quantity on a conveyor. While there might be a little sticker which says the decoration has been handmade and hand-placed onto the cake, there is no care and patience to it. People have targets to hit, and as much as you think the cake will look amazing, when you bring it out of the box, you might notice the odd broken or falling decoration as well as patchiness in the design.

We’re not trying to say that all supermarket cakes are bad, but if you want more focus and attention to detail on your cake, then you should consider ordering one from an established bakery. Our bespoke cakes are created in our kitchen by an expert team who take the time to make every aspect of your cake perfect. We have the skills to decorate cakes in amazing ways, but rather than mass-produced designs, we hone our focus on the individual decoration you have requested. As a result, you are left with a show-stopping cake that can’t be replicated.

Better Taste


If you are taking the time to read this blog I’m guessing it’s because you are seriously considering a bespoke cake and want to make sure that you WOW your guests. The taste of your cake is the most important part. Supermarket cakes can taste good, as they often have professional bakers and a variety of flavours to choose from. However, expert cake companies like Cakenology use fresh ingredients and bespoke favours to make your cake the best-tasting one you’ve ever had. It doesn’t need to be a special birthday for you to treat yourself to your favourite flavours. Every year is a celebration, and by choosing a bespoke cake, you are giving yourself the gift of the perfect tasty treat. Working with Cakenology, you get a variety of cake flavours and fillings to choose from, allowing you to create your ideal combination.

More Choice

World Cup Cake

Supermarkets might appear to have a large choice of cakes, but if you look closer, the design you like might only come in one flavour, or there’s only one cake available with the filling you want. Most of the time you will end up compromising and picking a cake for the decoration over the flavour or vice versa. If it’s a special birthday, you will feel disappointed because you couldn’t get exactly what you wanted.

By choosing a bespoke cake, you get more choice in the flavours and decoration of the cake you choose. For example, if the cake recipient is vegan, but the rest of the party is not, we can work with you to create a tiered cake that incorporates both types for everyone to enjoy. Likewise, if the family is split on which flavours they like, rather than leave half of the cake wasted, we can create a cake that has both chocolate and vanilla, or red velvet and coffee.

It doesn’t need to be an 18th, 30th or 60th to be a special birthday! Every year is something to celebrate with your loved ones and friends. If you want to make this year even better than the last, then look into creating a bespoke cake for yourself or for the birthday boy/girl. If you want to learn more about our bespoke cakes here at Cakenology, then contact us today for more information.

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