Best Halloween Party Themes

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It’s time to start planning the perfect Halloween party if you want to have some scary fun with your friends and family. As one of the public’s favourite holidays, you need to make sure that your party goes all out to impress and entertain your guests. A great way to do this is to create a themed-do where your guests can dress up, and one that you can decorate your home or event space accordingly to. You can even theme your food around it! But the big question is – what theme should you go for?

Keep reading to find our top three themes that will be sure to style a great party and inspire some amazing costumes!

Hubble Bubble Cake
You’re a Wizard, Harry!

Witches and wizards are classic Halloween characters that have been dominating the holiday for decades. Hocus Pocus, The Witches and even Harry Potter, are all Halloween marathon films that we tend to watch while wrapped up in a blanket eating leftover sweets. These films are usually people’s inspiration for their costumes as they’re not too scary but are still aesthetically Halloween themed.

Have your guests arrive dressed up as a witch or wizard, or even a Harry Potter character! You can decorate your space with cobwebs, black cats, witches hats and cauldrons that you can place all of your food and drink in. Finally, top it all off with one of our spooky cakes that’ll fit in with your theme; one of our cakes will be sure to draw eyes and leave guests begging for it to be cut. 

Our Hubble Bubble Cake, for example, is perfectly styled for wacky witches! With a cauldron full of treats, and witches dangling over it, it will make a fantastic, tasty centrepiece to any witchy buffet table.

Thriller Cake
When There’s No More Room in Hell, the Dead Will Walk the Earth

Dawn of the Dead, Resident Evil and Zombieland are a select few of the hit zombie films roaming the earth! Whether they are comical like Shaun of the Dead or feature endless action scenes like World War Z, people love watching the undead rise again and cause havoc.

So, to play on these films, host an Undead Party this Halloween and invite your friends and family for some ghoulish fun. To begin with, have your guests dress up as zombies, whether that’s specific characters from films or an undead take on any already-existing costume/character. 

In terms of food, check out Pinterest for some ideas on how to create a buffet that looks just as zombified as your guests. You can get creative and have your food looking like fingers, toes and even eyeballs! For an amazing undead Halloween-inspired cake from us, try our Thriller Cake that is inspired by Michael Jackson’s hit song – both a little spooky, but extra tasty!

Do You Like Scary Movies?

October is the perfect month to start getting in the spooky mood by watching all of your favourite Horror or Halloween films. Some people enjoy getting terrified at the cinema or on their couch when watching movies, whereas others, tend to prefer a light-hearted Halloween inspired show.

If this is you, theme your Halloween party this year around the less-scary movies, and instead of terrifying everyone, have your guests come dressed as their favourite characters from films such as Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice or a Tim Burton classic. These also work great for family parties where there will be little ones around.

To accompany these themes, decorate the room with banners, signs of your chosen film’s location and props that are reminiscent of these family-friendly horrors.

Why not have a fantastic dessert, too? An example of one of our masterpieces is the Corpse Bride Cake which hosts the bride and Victor from the hit Tim Burton film placed on top of it, as well as skulls, butterflies and pumpkins dotted all over the tiers. A beautiful, life-like design that tastes out of this world! This cake would be perfect for a film theme and is big enough to serve a large party of guests.

For more options, check out our website today for all of our fantastic Halloween inspired cakes, and to take a look at our Bespoke service. Every party isn’t complete without a fabulous cake, and even a creepy theme can be brought to life with one of our spooky creations!

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