Best Cakes for Christmas

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Christmas is steadily approaching, the weather is getting colder, Michael Buble and Wham! are blasting out of every radio station, and people have put up their decorations. The children are eating their daily chocolates excited for the big day – but are you looking forward to it? Cooking a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings for your family can add some serious pressure and turn the special day into a stressful one.

Planning ahead is so important when it comes to making your food for the festive period. You need to start thinking about all the different bits that you need to buy and what you can cook in advance or even buy pre-made. You don’t want to settle for anything less than perfect but making and preparing food can take hours out of the big day and sometimes you can buy high-quality ready-to-eat food at a better standard than you could even make. This is especially important when it comes to the Christmas cake! Often the pièce de résistance of the meal, you want the desert to b something spectacular. But making one yourself can take ages and getting all the little details perfect is tricky. By ordering one, you can save your precious time, serve delicious cake and give your family what they really want this December – more time with you!

Now comes the tricky part – what kind of Christmas cake? So many people don’t like the traditional fruity Christmas cake or the stodgy Christmas pudding, and more often than not they end up sitting in the fridge barely touched then thrown into the bin after the big day. So what can you get as a substitute that people will actually enjoy? Cakenology have so many different flavours, types and decorations available that you are bound to find something you will all enjoy.

Read on to learn more about the various cakes you can serve on Christmas day to fill everyone’s bellies and leave them craving more!

The Yule Log

Christmas Yule Log

The Yule log is the perfect Christmas dessert for those who like a bit more creativity and chocolate with their food. Also known as a ‘Buche de Noel’, it’s a classic holiday treat that is loved by everyone, old and young. It’s the perfect dessert for families with young children too as the chocolate, and mini Santa figurines make it look and taste magical.

The creamy centre makes for a show-stopping cake when cut open, and can be enjoyed throughout the whole evening. Slicing a piece as big or as small as you want, you can enjoy it in front of the TV watching Christmas specials and films all-night long. It’s also ideal for big parties or large families on Christmas day, as it is big enough to serve up to 16 people!

Sponge Christmas Cake

Gingerbread House Cake

As many people don’t like rich and heavy cakes with spices, brandy or chocolate, there has been a recent surge of people opting for delicious light festive sponge cakes. You simply choose a traditional sponge cake with its creamy jam centre and soft sponge and pick from a variety of designs, decorations and toppings to take it from an everyday cake to a spectacular Christmas creation.

Cakenology has a wide selection of Christmas style cakes including our very popular Gingerbread House Cake and Christmas Cane Topsy Turvy Cake. On some of our cakes, we use white icing as a snow effect and add small edible figures of Santa and Snowmen which can pull together a picturesque winter scene. All of our cakes are designed to be showstoppers and are perfect for people with big families who will appreciate the amazing tasting cake and fabulous decorations. We even make an adorable Mrs Claus cake which is perfect for families with children!

Seasonal Cupcakes

Apple Cupcake

This year you can take a completely different direction with your dessert and stray away from the traditional. If you are having a lot of guests this year or your family isn’t that big on desserts, opting for Christmas inspired cupcakes could be the way forward. Cupcakes can be a less formal and fussy option as you don’t need to remain seated around the table and they are very easy to eat even when unwrapping presents! They also allow you to have a smaller dessert and gives you the option to serve them with a coffee later in the evening when hunger starts to strike.

If you are hosting a special party, you can even order cupcakes that can be made very Christmassy with coloured buttercream or icing to match the decor of your house. If you have children in your family, you could even opt for ones decorated with little Santas, Christmas trees or even snowmen to make them really impress your guests.  

Why You Should Order Your Cake

Ordering your Christmas cake this year can make for a smoother, more relaxing time without the worry of messing up the dessert. Not everyone is a baker and while you can create the best turkey around, baking the tastiest cake might not be your forte. To avoid making mistakes or wasting your valuable time, you can order it from a professional baker that makes fabulous tasting cakes with beautiful festive decorations. The taste will be of higher quality than if you made it yourself or bought it from a local supermarket.

Ordering your cake also means less fuss for you in the run-up to Christmas day. Rather than worrying about buying ingredients and baking the cakes, all you need to do it make sure you pick it up on the designated day or are in when it is being delivered.

Here at Cakenology, we have a broad range of cakes and cupcakes that can add some magic to your Christmas celebrations. No matter the type of cake or decoration style you are looking for, we can cater to all your desires and deliver it to your London address. Contact us today if you want to learn more about our business and the different cakes you can order for Christmas day.

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