Bespoke Wedding Cakes – the Perks

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A wedding is meant to be one of the most beautiful experiences in your life. With so much money on average spent on a wedding, every aspect should be perfect and suit your and your partner’s personality! And this should be the same for your wedding cake. The cake will be on display and be a central focus during the cutting of the cake ceremony, so we know that you will want to make sure that it is gorgeous.

Often, buying a cake from the high street can go wrong. It might not taste as good as it looks. Or, you may have ordered it expecting there to be enough for all your guests, but there is way too little or far too much. Either way, you need to make sure that you are satisfied with your wedding cake, and nothing can guarantee this like ordering a bespoke cake or purchasing one from a reputable bakery.

By working with us on a bespoke design, you can choose the flavours, decoration and size to suit your needs and include you in the whole design process. Read on to learn more about the perks of buying a bespoke wedding cake before you make a hasty decision that could result in a disaster.

Guaranteed Quality

Your wedding day is meant to be perfect from start to finish; everything from the flowers to the vows and the reception should be precisely how you envisioned it — even the cake. Buying a high street cake can have some benefits, like knowing exactly what it is going to look like and in some cases a smaller cost. But disaster can still strike. Often, when buying an off the shelf cake, you can be left with poor quality, something that you won’t notice until the day of the wedding when the cake shows up. Because it is pre-created, you’ve had no hand in the final product and probably little to no contact with bakery until the day before your wedding. It can leave you feeling anxious during the run up to your big day – worrying that you may be left feeling disappointed and upset.

However, by buying a bespoke wedding cake, you get to experience everything from the initial consultation to the designing and then seeing the final product. The process of creating a bespoke cake can be a lengthy, in-depth one as we will work to fulfil all of your needs and desires. This guarantees it will be of the highest quality, as we work closely with you to ensure that you are satisfied with everything before we even start making the cake. With such a massive event like a wedding, and the cake playing such an important role, don’t take any chances of it showing up utterly different to what you expected.

Prevent Leftovers

There’s nothing worse than having an amazing wedding, but then the next day having to lug home four boxes full of leftovers. You should be basking in wedding bliss and preparing for a honeymoon, not organising your fridge wondering how you’re ever going to eat all this cake before you set off. We all love some cake, but there is a point when there’s just too much for two people to eat – even if you give slices out to your guests as favours.

With a bespoke wedding cake, you can confirm the number of guests attending and whether or not you want there to be enough for seconds or just enough for one slice each. We will work with you to design a cake (or cakes) no matter the number of people, without sacrificing flavour or design.

A Chance to Be Creative

By ordering a bespoke wedding cake, you don’t need to settle for a design that isn’t perfect or is missing something that you always envisioned. You don’t have any creative limitations regarding the design and flavours that you desire. You can work with our team to bring to life your perfect cake; using your ideas (no matter how crazy they may seem) and our suggestions, and we don’t start baking until you are completely satisfied with the design.

Sometimes couples don’t agree on a flavour for the cake, or perhaps you want to make sure that there are enough options for all of your guests. Having a tiered cake with different flavours can be the solution you need, and a bespoke cake allows you to choose the exact flavours you want with a unique and personal design.

Make your wedding extra special with a bespoke cake and have complete control over how it tastes and looks on the big day. If you want to learn more about our services and how to order a bespoke cake, then contact us today.

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