5 Top Cakes for Mother’s Day

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Treat your mum to cake!

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and we want to help you really spoil your mum this year. Cake is the ultimate comfort food, and nothing says “I love you” like serving up a deliciously moist slice of her favourite flavour. As C. JoyBell C once said “Love is like a good cake; you never know when it’s coming, but you’d better eat it when it does!” Well said. If you live in London, it looks like ordering a cake for Mother’s day is on the menu for this year then!  

Here, we follow the mantra: Thinking differently, eating differently. “What do they mean?” you may say. Well, hear us out… cake might be the best thing since sliced bread, but not all cake is created equal. Our small team of passionate bakers here in London know that the best cakes take time, care and an expert touch. We say no to shop bought, mass-produced cake and YES to fresh, delicious and beautiful hand-made cake creations that will make your loved ones feel special.

We can bake your mum’s favourite design in any of her favourite flavours to make it feel like a cake just for her. Select a cake sponge and filling type that you know she loves for that thoughtful gesture this Mother’s Day! From Chocolate Sponge, Vanilla Sponge, Carrot Cake, Red Velvet, Coffee Sponge to Lemon Zest and more and with a whole host of creamy, sweet fruit jams and fillings such as Fresh Cream, Fresh Chocolate Cream, Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Crème, Chocolate Ganache, and Vanilla Buttercream, the choices are endless to spoil her!

So, keep reading for our rundown of the 5 top cakes for Mother’s day in London that will definitely put a smile on your mum’s face this year, whatever her style, and let her know how much you truly appreciate her! We’re looking at the trendy mum, the mumsy mum, the dog-crazy mum, the crafty mum and the choc-a-holic mum!

The Trendy Mum

Is your mum trendy and up-to-date with all things fashion? Well, after all, “It’s fashion, darling” and this show-stopping ultimate fashion cake is on trend for all those ladies with a strong sense of style! Does your mum adore fashion and dream about her next designer handbags or a pair of shoes? Does she have clothes cool enough for you to borrow? Then this cake is for her this Mother’s day! Adorn this celebration cake with a fancy pair of this seasons Christian Louboutin’s or a gorgeous Chloé clutch bag to personalise it just for her. This fashion cake is big enough to share, so it is the perfect cake to order this Mother’s day if you are throwing a family get together to be with Mum!

The Mumsy Mum

mama bear cake

Dads of the world – pay attention! This Mother Bear cake is perfect for a special treat from your little ones to their mummy this year. Invite these little cuties round for a tea and cake party and let the mother of your children know how special and appreciated she is by her lovely baby bears! We love the colourful, striped design of this two-tier design and she will too! If you want your little ones to get involved with the gift you could let them each choose their favourite flavour for each tier, so the cake has a really personal touch, and they can beam with pride when they unveil it to their mum in the morning!

The dog crazy mum! Tiered Dog cake

We all know the dog crazy mum. The mum who loves her fur babies more than anything else – probably even more than you! (Just kidding…we think!)  Heck, it’s who we aspire to be one day, isn’t it? Surrounded by family and our beautiful dogs! If your mum is mad about her beloved pooch, then our tiered doggy cake is the ideal choice for her this Mother’s Day. This design can be personalised to fit with the special dog you’d like to help your loved one celebrate to give it the extra personal touch. As always, all sponge and buttercream fillings are baked to order with love and can be personalised to any flavour. ***Just remember as this cake can be filled with sweet and tasty human treats like chocolate fudge, it’s paws off for the dog***

The Crafty Mum!  

Sewing Machine Cake

Does your mum love all things crafty? Has she saved your ripped jeans or broken zips on more occasions then you can count with her trusty sewing machine? Then say thank you in style and order a cake this Mother’s Day! We adore baking this Singer sewing machine cake! It’s so intricate and made with such pretty pastel colours too. All of our cakes are lovingly handmade and baked freshly so you can put her favourite flavour inside too. Order this cake for mum and watch her light up!

The Choc-a-holic Mum


Strawberries & Profiteroles

Calling all chocolate lovers! This is a truly indulgent patisserie for all the chocolate-loving mums out there. Our rich, luxury chocolate sponge with thick chocolate cream fills this cake. The entire cake is decadently decorated with fresh strawberries and handmade profiteroles filled with sweet and creamy creme patisserie making it perfect for Spring too! We have so many designs of chocolate cake in our patisserie range, so if your mum loves chocolate then ordering one from our cake range for her this year is guaranteed to put you in the good books!

Order Your London Mother’s Day Cake

So, what are you waiting for? If you live in London and have a lovely mum, who deserves to be spoiled for Mother’s Day then get in touch and let us work our magic! P.s – this bit is an extra special secret but… if you order her a cake as a present, then you get a slice too! Win-win?

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