4 Tips to Finding Your Dream Cake

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Do we really need an excuse to buy a cake? For that 1% out there saying yes, then consider these: birthdays, Christenings, weddings, hen parties, graduations, anniversaries, your seven-year-old son winning a football tournament… All these celebrations can be made extra special with a delicious cake, especially those that have been made with the perfect design and taste in mind for the recipients.

But how can you find the perfect cake? Firstly, you will want something that either suits the theme of the occasion or the specific person that the cake is for. However, there is so much more to consider on top of this – for example, the flavour of the cake itself and how big it needs to be so that it feeds all of your guests. Carry on reading for our top four tips on how to find your dream cake that makes someone’s special day even more fantastic.

Fit The Tone And Theme

When choosing a cake for your event, you need to consider the tone and the theme that you are wanting to portray in your decorations. Weddings, for example, might often have an elegant and soft feel for its aesthetic; making it more suited to a cake that matches the whites that can be accompanied with decorations like iced flowers and diamantes to suit the grandeur of the event.

On the other hand, some birthday parties might have a specific theme like a decades party or a movie stars party which would make a cake decorated with colours and images that relate to these themes more suited. We offer a wide range of cakes to make it easy to find one that will suit your occasion’s theme, as well as a bespoke service to make sure that your cake is a creation that is completely perfect for your event.

wedding guests
Don’t Forget The Number Of Guests

Something key that you need to remember when ordering your cake is the number of people you expect to feed with it. You might think your cake is perfect merely based on its outward design, but when the big day comes, and you can only feed twelve out of your thirty guests, you’ll be wishing you paid more attention when ordering. 

On our website, we state the sizes of the cakes that we can make and exactly how many they should feed. This makes it easier for you to find your perfect cake without worrying about not having enough. If you are still conscious about serving sizes or people wanting seconds, remember this tip: you can never have too much cakeO

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Outside The Box

Don’t feel like you have to have some plain-jane cake for your event. Let your imagination soar outside of the box and think of a design that the recipient would be ecstatic with. We have a vast range of pre-designed cakes on offer, with different designs and themes to suit everybody’s needs, but we can also replicate your vision of a cake if we haven’t previously made it. Whether you want a massive, two-tiered cake covered in flowers or a smaller, but fully-iced and decorated cake, we will have one to suit everybody. There is no need to sacrifice design!

With our bespoke cake service, the sky is the limit! We work with you on a one-to-one basis to design and create the cake that you dream about, no matter how crazy or complicated you think the design is. Not only does this make your cake one-of-a-kind, but it also means you can create personalised touches which your recipient will find very thoughtful.

Focus On The Taste

The appearance of your cake may be important to ensure coordination with the theme of the party or the personality of your loved one, but you also need to consider the taste of the cake. If you are purchasing the cake for someone specifically, you need to make sure you order a flavour that you know they are going to love, otherwise, it will just miss the mark on being perfect. We offer a wide range of flavours, but if we don’t have what you are looking for on our site, feel free to call us to talk about a bespoke flavour.

If you need your cake for a significant event like a wedding or a big family party, then you can still please everyone by having a tiered cake that holds several flavours. Each tier can be a different flavour, making it easier to suit every guest’s preferences so that no one gets left out!

Every event is made perfect with cake! But finding the perfect one doesn’t have to be an arduous journey. On our site, you can see the vast number of cakes and flavours we have on offer, but if you’re looking for a cake totally bespoke to you, contact us today and we can work together on bringing your vision to life. 

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