2019 Wedding Cake Trends

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2019 is nearly upon us and couples planning for their big day in the new year still have so much to consider. You might have sent the invitations out and picked the venue, but have you considered one of the most important parts of your wedding – the cake? Cutting the cake is a huge aspect of the day, and it will be immortalised forever in photographs and videos for everyone to look back at and smile. It is a moment your guests will love watching so, you will want to make sure it is perfect.

Here at Cakenology, we live and breathe cakes, and we can’t wait to start getting our lovely couples ready for 2019 with the latest wedding cake trends. If you need help deciding what kind of wedding cake you want on your big day, then read on. Taking inspiration from upcoming trends and our own selection, this list is sure to have something that will be perfect for your wedding.

Naked Wedding Cake

In 2019 we predict people will turn from the traditional icing covered wedding cakes and opt for more low-key, yet still beautiful, ‘naked’ cakes. The icing is cut back and minimal, allowing the fillings of the cake to take centre-stage and entice your guests. Very naturalistic and modern, the cake doesn’t steal the spotlight from you but is still a show-stopping centrepiece.

Our Naked Cake is three-tiered, so it will satisfy all your guest’s appetites with extras left to take home. Decorated with fruits and berries, it is perfect for a summer wedding with a rustic theme. If you supply us with your wedding flowers, we can match the cake to your theme, making it feel even more perfect for that photo opportunity.

Not everyone likes traditional icing, so we see this kind of cake taking off in 2019. Rustic themed weddings have always been popular, but never so much as they have been in the past couple of years. Naked cakes make the ideal accompaniment to rustic and summer weddings, with the fruits and berries adding a splash of colour against the pale sponge.

Macaroon Tower

Not everyone is a fan of cake. If it’s your wedding, you shouldn’t feel like you have to conform to traditional standards or cater to other people. If you don’t like cake, you can look for something equally extravagant but made from a dessert you prefer.

Our Macaroon Tower is made from perfectly crafted macaroons placed together over an entirely edible sponge cake cone-shaped stand. The macaroons are decorated with gold embellishments that will add an element of pure luxury to your wedding. With the sponge stand and macaroons together, your guests can enjoy both of them together or separately based on their preferred tastes. In 2019, ‘no-cake’ cakes will be huge for weddings as couples opt for the food that they love over what is traditional. You could even go very modern and have both – one traditional cake to please your family and more traditional guests and one just for you and your partner that you will really love.

Fruit Covered Cakes

In 2019, here at Cakenology, we predict weddings cakes will start to incorporate more fruit into their design and taste. Fruit fillings have always been an integral part of cakes, but 2019 will see much more imagination in their use. As more weddings begin to strip back to nature, with outdoor ceremonies and rustic themes, our cakes will evolve too! Say goodbye to fully iced creations and hello to stripped back, fruit laden cakes!

Our Summer Wedding Cake has three tiers, but incorporates a vast array of summer fruits in its design, lending their berry colour to the icing also. The soft, white iced flowers contrast with the red berries that cover the entirety of the top of the cake. Perfect to create that summer kissed, relaxed vibe to an outdoor wedding.

Sophisticated and Glamorous

In 2018 we also saw a rise of sophisticated and glamorous wedding themes thanks to celebrities being so public with the intimate details of their big day. Unsurprisingly, newly engaged couples across the country take inspiration from this, and in 2019 we will see more luxe weddings, no matter the budget. Couples throwing these kinds of weddings will want a spectacular cake to match their decor, whether that’s from tiers, design or taste.

Our Glamour wedding cake incorporates a unique tiered system with a mixture of cake sizes and diamante covered columns. With gold and white iced flowers across the different levels, this cake draws inspiration from traditional designs but adds its own twist which oozes luxury and style. We also offer a Gold and Sophisticated wedding cake which conforms to a more traditional tiered structure but steals the show with cream coloured iced roses and flowers which cascade across the cake. With gold accents that complement the simplicity of the cake beneath the flowers, this cake adds a sophistication that sets the tone for your glamorous, no expense spared wedding.

Icing Creations

Fantastic, mesmerising icing designs always has been and always will be a massive trend in the wedding cake industry. People love to go over the top, and never more so than on their big day. Icing gives them the ability to create something that doesn’t even look like a cake. One great example is our wedding cushions cake which uses icing, shape and intricate details to create the illusion of wedding ring pillows piled on one another. Yet, when you cut into the cushions, you find a delicious, perfectly baked wedding cake.

This cake also comes with many flavours such as carrot, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, lemon and red velvet. If you are a couple who strays from the traditional, there is definitely something that will satisfy your taste buds with red velvet cream cheese, chocolate mousse and fruit and jam fillings available for you to choose from.

Your wedding will be the happiest day of your life, and you will want every aspect of it to be perfect. When considering the cake, you need to look into what you love, what the latest trends are and if you even want a traditional cake at all. For more information on the wedding cakes and services we offer, then contact us today.

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