10 cakes your teenager will love!

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It can be hard choosing a theme for your teenagers birthday. We want them to feel really special, without making their birthday feel too ‘babyish’. Deep down, all teenagers still love being made a fuss of on their special day, and one way to guarantee a smile is to order a bespoke cake that is unique to them and can make them smile and laugh on their birthday.

The cake can be a great fun way to spoil them while also giving them something special to show how well you know their interests and hobbies. So, we’ve put together our list of 10 cakes that your teenager will love! If you’re on the lookout for a bespoke Birthday cake in London, then you’ve just found the treasure at the end of the rainbow!

The Tablet Cake 

First up on our teenagers’ cake list is the trusty tablet cake. If you’ve got a teenager who’s phone, tablet or iPad is like an extra limb then this cake is the perfect humorous cake to celebrate with this year. With our tablet cake, they can eat their favourite thing too! For a smaller, personal gathering this cake can be sized to serve 20 people. But, if you are looking for a cake that would make the perfect big birthday centrepiece, then we can make an extra large version to feed up to 90 guests! All our cakes are handmade and baked fresh to bring you delicious flavours as well as incredible designs! *Designs may vary slightly.*

The Football Cake 

Is your teenager football crazy? Trust us – you’ll have scored straight in the back of the net if you order them a bespoke cake with their clubs emblem emblazoned on the front! Especially when it comes in their all-time favourite flavours too! Small party? Our smaller 8” cake will be perfect. Feeding the whole football team for your little future professional footballer’s birthday? We’ve got you covered with a large 15” cake! To customise this cake for your teenager’s favourite football club, simply email us your requirements at eatcake@cakenology.com

The PINK Brand cake 


Ooh, la, la. Well, now there’s a cake full of PINK goodness. Is your teenager a fan of Victoria’s Secret PINK brand? Or, are they obsessed with a particular brand or clothing line? Show them how well you know them by getting a personalised brand cake to celebrate their birthday this year.

Perfect for an 18th Birthday


It’s Vino time! – As long as your teenager is hitting the big 18 this year! We know that teenagers turning 18 love having a cake that celebrates the important milestone – so let them know you’re excited for them too and treat them to a cake that will help them feel like the young adult they are! Full disclaimer – the cake does not come with the actual bottle (you’ll have to sort that one out as an extra treat!).

The Football Shirt Cake 


Well, we showed you our football club cake, but we reckon that this football shirt cake is another sure winner for your teenager! It doesn’t have to just be about football either –  they can be personalised to put a smile on the face of the recipient and are always good fun. You can choose a favourite sports’ club, a funny message, or just print their face in huge, icing form in all its glory on a T-shirt. Whatever you want, we’ve got you. The options for this one are unlimited.

The Guitar Hero Cake 


Is your teen a rock god in the making? Do they love keeping you up at night practising their chords? Well, let them rock out properly with this awesome guitar cake this year. This guitar cake is an insane gift for any guitar players out there who love to rock out and enjoy a tasty slice of cake! Jimi Hendrix? Slash? Your not so little one? Whether they’ve sold out a show, booked their first gig, passed their latest grading… or,  have a birthday coming up – this cake is pure, rock perfection!

The Fortnite Cake

Fortnite PS Cake

While your teen is busy perfecting their landing in Fortnite, you can relax in the knowledge that you’ve landed them the perfect birthday cake this year. We bake bespoke cakes for birthdays throughout London, so if your teenager is Fortnite obsessed then you’ve got to celebrate their birthday with a gaming cake – they will love it!

The Juicy Couture Cake

Take your inspo from your teenagers favourite fashion brand this year. We can turn any brand into a cake to help them celebrate in style! Did someone say parent of the year? Personalise with a message of your choice to show your teenager how well you know them on this year’s birthday.

The Handbag Cake 

If your teenager is getting to the stage where they are dreaming of owning their first designer handbag, then why not bring their dream bag to life in cake-form? Give them a gorgeous Chloé clutch bag, or a Gucci cross body bag and let them have their bag, and eat it!

P.s – this cake works wonders for a surprise reveal of the real thing. We love hearing stories of teenagers who have been given a designer bag cake, and then the real thing too!

The First Car Cake 

Well, everyone knows that your teenagers 17th birthday is a very big deal. It’s the first time they can legally get behind the wheel of a car. So, whether their favourite car is a BMW, Mustang, Ferrari or Mini Cooper, if they can’t own one just yet, they can definitely eat one!

If you’re thinking of gifting driving lessons to your teenager on their birthday, then a car cake is the perfect way to tell them about their present. The model of the vehicle is up to you, simply email us or put in the description the colour and make of the car and we will do our best to recreate it for you.

Order your Teenagers Birthday Cake in London

So, if you live in London and are responsible for organising your teenagers birthday party this year, get in touch!

We specialise in teen birthday cakes in London and can craft and create any cake you desire! We use only the best ingredients, so you won’t find any preservatives or other nasties. If you have a unique idea for a cake, then we want to hear about it! Get in touch today on 0207 499 1172.

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