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We follow the mantra: Thinking differently, eating differently. “What do they mean?” you say. Well, hear us out… cake might be the best thing since sliced bread, but not all cake is created equal.

Shop some of our most popular bespoke cakes - handmade in London!

Our team at cakenology specialise in hand-crafted, professional cakes in London. We bake cakes that are designed to wow.

Our featured bespoke cake collections...yummy!

Bespoke Birthday Cakes

A party without cake is just a meeting and cake to a party is like gin to a tonic… they just don’t make sense without each other! We know how special you want the birthday girl or boy to feel, which is why here at Cakenology, we have designed show-stopping birthday cakes that can be personalised to make the occasion really memorable. From themed sports cakes to macaroon tower princess cakes – we’ve got you covered.

Wedding Cakes

From planning your cooky, unique and never-been-done-before wedding to a big day that is traditional, sophisticated and elegant we can match your wedding cake to your personal style. Wow your guests with a cake display that demands attention. You want your wedding cake to be visually breathtaking without compromising on flavour and taste. Working with us to design the cake for your special day will make sure you can have your cake, and eat it! 

Bespoke cupcakes in London


Ah, cupcakes – the beautiful babies of the cake family. They are cute, perfectly sized and packed with flavours to rival those of their bigger cake-siblings. We can design and pipe intricate detailing even on these smaller cakes to personalise them just for you. We love baking cupcakes and we think they make the perfect gift for every occasion to really show you care. Valentines day? Cupcakes. Birthday party? Cupcakes. ! Yeah… you get the gist.

Tesco corporate bespoke cake London

Corporate Cakes

When hosting a corporate event, everyone knows that great food comes very high on the priority list. Tasty food can make or break a good atmosphere, which is why we offer our specialist cakes for all events so you can hit the sweet spot. Whether you’re hosting an all out launch party, celebrating hitting your monthly targets, or just want something extra special for the work party, we can supply an extravagant cake that will wow your guests and staff. 


Who are Cakenology?

Welcome to Cakenology where we follow the mantra: Thinking differently, eating differently. “What do they mean?” you say. Well, hear us out… cake might be the best thing since sliced bread, but not all cake is created equal. Our small team of passionate bakers here in London know that the best cakes take time, care and an expert touch. We say no to shop bought, mass produced cake and YES to fresh, delicious and beautiful hand-made cake creations.

Celebrate your special occasion with us and experience eating differently. We can fashion bespoke cakes crafted straight from your inspiration, or you can browse our extensive range of tempting cakes to find the one that matches your style and order it in a whole range of indulgent flavours.

We bake through the night in our London bakery so that you can be assured each one of our cakes tastes every bit as fresh and scrumptious as it looks!

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We Want to share our cakes with the world - or at the very least, london.

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You can order your cake online, via email or by phone to add that extra-special touch to your upcoming event. All our cakes are made in our bakery by skilled, creative and cake-loving hands. Baking cakes is our passion, so you can be assured each cake is put together with care and affection.


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